6 Men Gang-Rape Lady In Stream

A lady has been gang-raped by no fewer than six men.

RapidGist has decided the heart-wrenching video is better not published but a screengrab below shows some of the scenes where the lady was brutally molested even in the presence of a less than 10-year-old boy who was surprisingly laughing.

We are yet to establish the location of the incident but the perpetrators can be heard in the one minute 49 seconds video speaking an indigenous Nigerian language.

It appears the lady was in the stream to fetch some water and ended up being overpowered by the men; one of them while in the act appeared to go ‘skin’ even as others forcefully spread the legs of the exhausted victim.

At least six men sexually assaulted the lady.
We don’t know if the video is a recent incident but that might not be too relevant for many.

Authorities have been notified.


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