Actress Bimbo Akinsanya speaks on crashed marriage

Popular Nollywood actress, Abimbola Akinsanya, has revealed that she left her marriage with her three month-old baby because she did not wanyt to die or become a murdrer.

The Yoruba movie star, popularly known as “Omo Oloja” in a post on her Instagram page, said she left the union because she did not want to die.

According to her, she wanted to protect herself too, adding that she did not want to become a murderer.
She wrote: “I left that marriage when my son was just 3 months old, you think it was easy to make that decision? No.

“I left early cos I didn’t want to die, I left early cos I didn’t want to lose my child, I left early cos I didn’t want to be a murderer. (It’s a story for another day) I was married for a year and 4-months and it was hellish.

“Hello,” DO NOT KILL ANOTHER PERSON’S CHILD” all in the name of marriage, I am also a mother and I know how I am striving to train and feed my son. Please, don’t pray or wish for a mother to labour in vain,” she added.

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  1. Okay. It is better to leave a relationship that is not working rather than allow yourself to die in the marriage.

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