Algeria are Africa’s biggest Fifa points earners

Three African nations are among the top ten points winners on Fifa’s world rankings for 2019.

Africa Cup of Nations winners Algeria gained 135 points during the year, just three behind Asian Cup champions Qatar, who earned the most over the last 12 months.

Despite the gains Algeria are only the fourth-ranked team in Africa and 35th globally.

Nigeria are seventh on the list and Madagascar tenth globally when it comes to points won in 2019.

The Super Eagles, who won the bronze medal at the Nations Cup, are third on the continent and 31st globally.

Madagascar end the year at number 21 in Africa and 91st overall following their quarter-final appearance at the Nations Cup in Egypt.

Nations Cup runners-up Senegal remain the top-ranked side in Africa ahead of Tunisia in second spot, respectively the duo are 20 and 27th globally.

Belgium are the Fifa’s Team of the Yea for the second successive time ahead of France with Brazil third.

Africa’s top ten on December’s World Rankings:

  1. Senegal (20)
  2. Tunisia (27)
  3. Nigeria (31)
  4. Algeria (35)
  5. Morocco (43)
  6. Ghana (47)
  7. Egypt (51)
  8. Cameroon (53)
  9. Mali (56)
  10. DR Congo (56)

NB: Global position in brackets

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