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Beautiful lady runs mad after dropping from a guy’s Benz car in town

This world we are living in is full of mysteries. Things do happen that beats the imaginations of people.

It has become a norm that each day we expecting something different to happen. And truly it occurs, most are strange and inconceivable ones.

RapidGist has chanced on a video of a young beautiful lady who has gone mad and it’s sad. In the video, the unidentified lady went mad as soon as she alighted from a guy’s car(Benz).

The guy we are presuming to be her boyfriend quickly drove-off after dropping the lady somewhere in the streets. The incident is said to have happened in Nigeria today.

According to an eyewitness report, the yet to be identified fair lady “went mad at once after she stepped down from the Benz Car”.

Adding that some onlookers took her phone and made a call to his relatives who later came to the scene to get her into a different car so they take her for treatment.


A word of caution to the ladies. As we approach the Christmas festive season, some of these things would come to play.

Be mindful of who you go out with and who offers you lift. Avoid completely if he’s a stranger. Go by my ‘small’ advise and live long.

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