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Coronavirus: Akwa Ibom state governor orders closure of all borders, stay-at-home order to take effect from Monday March 30th

The Akwa Ibom state government has banned travelers from coming into the state. A statement released by the Secretary to the State Government, Emmanuel Ekuwen, says the move is to the curb the spread of the disease though there is no confirmed COVID-19 case in Akwa Ibom State,.

The statement added that the state airline, Ibom Airline will suspend flight operations beginning from Sunday March 29th.


Following a critical analysis of the situation relating to COVID-19 situation, I have been directed by HE the Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel to make the following announcements;

1. Salaries of state government workers for the month of March will be paid today, Thursday, March 26, 2020.

2. Workers are advised to prepare to stop going to work and stay at home for one (1 ) week with effect from Monday 30 March, 2020. The stay-at-home order will be strongly enforced.

3. All borders and roads leading in and out of the state are closed with immediate effect; except for the transportation of food items.

4. Ibom Air will suspend all flight operations from Sunday, 29 March, 2020.

5. Markets are to remain open for sale of foodstuff and essential items only.

6. All Churches are strongly requested to fast and pray for God’s mercies on Sunday 29 March, 2020.

7. Residents and citizens are strongly advised to apply all the preventive measures earlier announced.

While the one week stay-at-home order subsists, the Akwa Ibom State Government will continue to monitor and provide regular updates on any development in the COVID-19 situation in our state

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Although there is no confirmed COVID-19 case in Akwa Ibom State, we abide by the ancient adage that ” prevention is better than cure”.

The Governor, also enjoins all residents and citizens; including professional bodies, to desists from creating unnecessary panic within the state by propagating unverified news, whipping up selfish and myopic sentiments and fanning the embers of discord for pecuniary / or political gains.

God bless, guard and keep Akwa Ibom State.


Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem
Secretary to State Government

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