Davido slaps fan on chest for trying to take a selfie with him…. Davido reacts after video evidence was shared!

A heartbroken fan of Davido, has called out the singer on social media following an ugly and unforgettable encounter he had with the singer at the airport, recently.

According to him, the incident happened on Friday, February 14, at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Ikeja, when he went to pick up one of the artistes that he promotes.

He said Davido is one of the music stars that he really loves and for that reason, he could take any risks just to enjoy a fan moment with the music star.

However, things got ugly after he approached the singer who also happened to be at the airport.

Instead of living out the moment he had always imagined with OBO, he got a slap on the chest from the singer for getting to close and trying to take a selfie with him.

A video that captured the moment was also shared by the aggrieved fan.

See video below (Watch below video to the end, to see moment Davido slapped the fan on his chest:

Davido while reacting to the video, wrote; “I was trynna hug u bro, but you moved away fast so it looked like I was slapping your chest.. Love you bro”

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  1. David is sick in the head.. too lousy and violent. He must be doing hard drugs or something

  2. I can only advise the gentleman to put the scene behind himself and accept Davido’s apologies in this matter.

  3. Davido you are lying so when you mistakenly hit him like you claim did you really call himm back to apologize for hitting him

  4. this guy should better calmdown and allow humulity to rule his life other the fame he thought to have would soon crumble

  5. Davido this is not the way of doing thing, if truly you mistakenly hit you could have call him and ask for forgiveness.
    That’s simple

  6. Davido’s reply is so funny. He said he wanted to hug the guy, well I guess it’s just a misunderstanding and they can hash it out amicably

  7. well, I think the problem is that people fail to understand that this celebrities are also humans and have bad days. Maybe that day wasn’t such a good day for Davido himself that why he reacted that way.

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