Edit your Dissertation, Book Chapters, or Journal Article


Standard Article rewrite. $100

Complete rewrite, changing structure and tone and clarifying/strengthening key ideas.

30 Days Delivery

  • Up to 7000 Words
  • Rewriting
  • Structural Edit
  • Feedback
  • Grammar & Spelling

About This Product

We completely transform academic writing. You need your paper to be publication-ready on short notice; you have a rough draft, or maybe you’re a non-native English speaker confident in your work but not in your writing. Let us take it from here.

We’ll do a line-by-line edit, re-writing phrases and re-organizing sentences and paragraphs as needed. We won’t change the meaning of your text; in fact, We’ll ensure terminological, conceptual, and technical consistency and correctness throughout the whole document.

When we’re done, your paper will be the best possible version of itself: your words, your ideas, and your findings, expressed with the utmost clarity, precision, and professionalism.

Let us give you a hand.

(NOTE: This product is ONLY for articles, essays, and book chapters intended for publication. We cannot assist with schoolwork/coursework, or any other work that will be submitted to a professor under your name.)

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