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Father Shoots & Kill 25-Year-Old Son In Cross River

Tragedy in Odoh-Owambe II Community in Beebo Clan, Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State as Father Shoots Dead his 25 years old son on Friday.

The Father Popular known as ‘The Tallest’ a village Hunter sent his son to his untimely grave following a quarrel on the morning of Friday, August 7th 2020.

RapidGist gathered that the son ‘Agbor Henry’ is the youth president of the community and his son from his late girlfriend, a police woman who died in a road accident in Calabar some years back. After his mother’s Death, he returned to the village to his father whom he always claim never meets up with his responsibilities.

According to an eye witness; the misunderstanding began when the Father had met his son drinking in a bear parlour and requested that his son ‘Agbor Henry’ buy him some drink, it was then his son asked him that ‘is it now you remember I’m your son? This resulted to a serious quarrel than made him wanted to fight his father.

Our correspondent gathered that his son ‘Agbor Henry’ was later held by the Community youths and tied up demanding a fine for trying to fight his father. It was also said that the father went to plead with the Community youths to let him go of which they did thinking everything is settled.

The height of the drama was when they got home and the quarrel continued on another level with no serious person around to calm them down. It was at the point his son first reach out to get a gun against his father, which made his father also reached out for his.

His son who first carried a gun approach his father’s room to attack him but got caught by his father’s gun bullet from just after the door. His father, after seeing that he has killed his son, ran to the Community Forest where he was caught up by the Community youths and later handed over to the police.

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It was however a double Tragedy for the Family as his last son who was said to have been shot by armed robbers was brought to the village that same day to be Buried.

He is currently at the Police Station in Bateriko, Boki Local Government Area, Cross River State.

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