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Female Invigilator beaten up by female SS3 student who she told to kneel down(Video)

A video has surfaced online showing the moment some female SS3 students were seen beating up an invigilator during their senior secondary school certificate exams.

In the clip, the invigilator could be heard telling a senior student to kneel down but she was adamant to do so, because according to her, the invigilator is not her teacher.

According to reports, the SS3 student reportedly arrived late for her exam and the invigilator tried to punish her for it but the student refused to serve the punishment.

After several failed attempts to make her kneel down, the female invigilator then picked up a cane to beat the unidentified student but she did not bargain for what came next as the other students joined hands in pouncing on her.

They removed her wig, slapped and embarrassed the invigilator in the presence of the entire exam class.

Watch the video below:

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