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How 19-Year-Old Boy Drugged Landlady, 52, And Raped Her In Ogun

Facts have emerged on how a 19-year old boy, Rafiu Adelena, allegedly drugged their 52-year old landlady, simply known as Alhaja and engaged her in marathon sex before he was caught in the act.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the incident happened on 1st March, 2020, at Ilesan Remo community in Ogun State, where they reside.

It was gathered that the boy, Rafiu Adelena, was staying with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adelena in rented apartment before he conceived the idea to sleep with the landlady in order to satisfy his sexual desire.

However, he was caught in the act and handed over to the Police. He was interrogated to know how he did it without the victim being up and conscious during the dastardly act.

He then told the Police that he took a sleeping pill, which his mother keep inside their room and put it into the landlady’s food when she was about to eat in her room.

After the landlady had taken the food, she became unconscious and slept off due to the drug. The suspect, Rafiu, then went back to check and noticed she was asleep already. He took the opportunity immediately, put her wrapper aside and started having sex with the 52-year old woman before he was caught by the landlady’s daughter, Lafiyat Ajeigbe, who just came back from school.
The mother of the suspect, Mrs. Bolanle Adelena, was invited by the Police and she defended herself that she uses the sleeping tablet whenever she finds it difficult to sleep.
The Police are still investigating the matter and said that the suspect will be charged to Court after the conclusion of investigations.

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P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the suspect may likely face the charge of statutory rape which attracts several years of imprisonment if he is tried and found guilty before the Court for the alleged offence.

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  1. This is a criminal act which deserves the maximum punishment. He should be charged for the offence without any delay.

  2. This a problem adolescent boys face as they grow up, their sex organs and hormones are quite responsive at this stage. It’s unfortunate this guys went overboard to satisfy his urge with his landlady. Justice should be tempered with mercy and his problem should be tackled with a bit of sex education and rehabilitation.

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