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“If I pass on, my murderer is the man I’m married to” – Caterer shocks her friends as she accuses her husband of domestic violence

A Nigerian caterer shocked her friends when she took to Facebook to accuse her husband, Gbadebo of domestic violence.

Oluwabusayo Reuben wrote on Facebook:

I think it’s high time the whole world knows this just incase I pass on, so ya’ll can know my murderer. It’s the man I’m married to.
He’s violent and he abuses me, beats me up over the slightest provocation, I’m done in this marriage, the whole world got yo know this!!!!!
Tonight, as I came out of the bathroom, he hit my head on the wall, punched my face, my neck, almost snapped my neck all because I didn’t give him money.
Every one is aware, both families are aware, the whole world got to know this, I cant take this anymore.

She added: “This is the last straw, I’ve been enduring this for over 5 years.”

Friends were shocked and expressed it on Facebook. One mentioned that her husband is seems “cool” but that she should stay away from him until she notices a real change. Another said, “I thought you were happy?”

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  1. If this woman have been managing this situation for five years and hasn’t changed for better,. Then she should exit the marriage and save her life from being wasted.

  2. Can this issue of domestic violence be treated with seriousness during marital counselling

  3. This is serious.
    All homes needs prayer cos no man on earth is perfect.
    May God almighty touches our homes!!!

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