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Kano/Sokoto: Deji Adeyanju, Nigerians, react as Supreme court affirms Ganduje, Tambuwal victory

Activist, Deji Adeyanju and some Nigerians have reacted to the ruling which affirmed the election of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano state and Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto state.

The Supreme Court on Monday affirmed the election of Ganduje.

Delivering the judgment, Justice Sylvester Ngwuta declared that the grounds of the two appeals brought by the appellant were dismissed for lack of merit.

Also, the Supreme Court struck out the appeal brought by Ahmed Aliyu of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, challenging the Tambuwal’s election.

Justice Abba Aji while delivering judgment on Monday, affirmed that the appeal lacks merit as the appellant could not prove the grounds of his appeal which, inter alia, involved over-voting and non-compliance with the electoral law.

The supreme court ruling has generated diverse reactions from Nigerians on social media.

While some commended the Ganduje and Tambuwal’s victory at Supreme court others queried the fairness of the judiciary.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@DejiAdeyanju “The same Supreme Court of Imo just affirmed Ganduje’s election in Kano. There’s a big problem with our judiciary.”

@Muhd “A pregnant monkey will always bear an infant monkey. Corruption has won again in Kano, Ganduje’s election reaffirmed by the supreme court. Thanks to Buhari who made Nigeria the corruption headquarters of the world.”

@Dmightyangel “Ganduje is doing well in Kano, so Supreme Court affirming him today is good for democracy anyway.”

@illa “See sentiment apart! The point is Tambuwal won d poll squarely. He’s also a major and intelligent player in caliphate politics if u ask me. Supreme court can’t do that magic they did in Imo in North else they would have nullified Ganduje election with easy.”

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@Malcom_A “Congratulations to Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, the most outstanding Governor as I always said in terms of infrastructural development, it is said that there’s no “campaign after elections” here’s the best wishes as you pilot the affairs of Kano for next 3 years.”

@Ajemojubar “Ganduje and Tambuwal judgments are trade-offs and a Quid Pro Quo. Something for something.”

@Royal_dozie ” So Ganduje’s Ill-gotten victory was upheld by supreme court, right? This is what happens when you pick one of the casts of “The gods must be crazy movie” and make him a CJN.Profound Zoos.”

@DrSulemani “Congratulations to the good people of Kano State. Carry on Baba Ganduje with the Dividends of Democracy and please leave Kano Emirate council out of Political Thuggery. Allow the ancient Emirate to remain in peace.”

@Johnnysleek “Tambuwal wins, democracy is saved! Ganduje wins, democracy is in danger! Why are Pdpians confused?

@Iheme_Emmanuel “Affirmation of the victory of Ganduje is another sign that there is no hope for the supreme court in Nigeria. Sad, so sad!

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  1. Someone said this administration is the most corrupt, Nigeria has ever had. And I believe that statement

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