Lady massively rewarded after helping a stranger with her last N600

A woman took to Facebook group #I’mStaying to share how her act of kindness resulted in her getting blessed with more than she expected

In her post, Mmaphuti Molefe says that she gave her last R28 (N628.89) to a woman who needed taxi fare and later on, the same lady, who she gave her number to, sent her R200 (N4,492.18)

Stayers applauded both Mmaphuti and the unnamed stranger for being such upstanding citizens.

Sharing is caring, and caring about others when you can barely take care of yourself is even more amazing. But you know what they say – what goes around comes around, and this does not only apply to bad deeds but good deeds too.

Facebook user and #Stayer, Mmaphuti Molefe, proved this to be the case when she selflessly gave her last bit of cash to a stranger who did not have taxi fare. According to Maphuti, the unnamed lady wanted to pay the taxi driver when she reached her destination. However, in true taxi driver nature, he refused and was on the verge of kicking the lady out of the taxi.

Maphuti, who witnessed the whole thing unfold, stepped in and offered the little bit of money she was carrying. She then exchanged numbers with the desperate stranger. Later that day she received an EFT of R200 from the lady, with which she was able to buy some food.

“I had no food in my cupboard. Around 10am, I went to the taxi, going to school. I had my last R28 in my pocket. So when we are about to pay, the lady I was next to told the driver that he will get the money when she gets to town. The taxi was immediately stopped so that the lady could either pay or get off. I took my R28 and paid for myself and the lady.”

Both of the women’s actions were met with applause from thousands of the #I’mStaying group members who love seeing people do good for one another. You can read some of their comments below.

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