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Man caught filming best friend’s wife taking her bath (Watch Video)

A video has surfaced on social media which is fast going viral sees a man catching his friend believed to be his best friend recording a video of his wife who was in the bathroom taking her bath.

In the video, the woman noticed a strange phone box in the bathroom which was unusual and called on her husband to come to have a look at it.

The husband after seeing the box mentioned the name of his friend as the one who owned the phone box because he was around when he bought it.

To find out what was in the box, her husband opened up the phone box only to find out that the phone was recording everything that was happening in the bathroom.

They both confronted the friend who stays with them because the phone was for him but he tried to deny but his friend was fast to expose him.

Watch the video below:

This confrontation made the wife furious over her husband soft way of handling the matter.

Read some comments below:

ebukaaustine28: “This is where ur woman need ur action because that guy get evil intentions towards ur woman but u dey there dey talk plenty…mumu husband”

nhanakroffa: “When you help someone?”

greatlife_selli: “Eei bad man??”

ordy_velvet: “He heeds serious beatings??”

mansuffer: “Mistake ?”

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