Man hails wife who stuck around for 8 years when he had nothing

A newlywed man has posted a thank-you message to his bride on social media. Thulane Mlandu Mtsweni took to the Facebook group #ImStaying to share a beautiful story about his amazing bride, who didn’t care about his money.

Thulane said it took him about eight years to gain footing and financial stability and his wife waited for him without a complaint in the world.

He talked about times being so tough for him that he couldn’t even afford to buy her chocolate sometimes. He said: “I grew up hearing people women are after money and material things. But the truth is that, there are women out there who love men no matter what they have or don’t have.”

The rest of the post read: “It took me plus or minus eight years trying to find my two feet and this beautiful woman on the picture waited for me. I couldn’t even buy her chocolate sometimes but still, she believed in us.

Today we are married and her family and mine are one big family. “What I am trying to say is that there’s love out there and through it ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. If you started wrong, that does not mean you will end up wrong. There are best women out there

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