Man in wheelchair allegedly shot in face by police during protest

Los Angeles police have been accused of shooting a homeless man in the face with rubber bullets.

The picture below suggests an extremely dramatic story.

The gentleman in the wheelchair is known as ‘Cincinatti’ – he is clearly bleeding from the eye.

A photographer who claims he witnessed the shooting, Kirt Tsonos, has shared these images and details on Facebook.

“As we were being boxed in on Broadway & 5th Street to be arrested, LAPD decided that a completely unarmed homeless man in a wheelchair that had NOTHING to do with our protest was somehow a threat. They proceeded to inappropriately shoot “non-lethal” rounds directly at his face”

“The last image is exceptionally heart-breaking for me as you can visibly see the homeless man writhing in pain, screaming, as he spews blood from his face moments after getting shot,” Tsonos posted.

The LAPD denies using rubber bullets, saying it uses less-than-lethal foam projectiles

The alleged incident happened earlier this week but has surfaced following outrage on social media.

The investigation

According to the Los Angeles Times, a coalition of criminal justice advocates and homeless advocates have filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles city regarding how they’ve handled protests sparked by the death of George Flloyd.

It includes the case of ‘Cincinatti’ claiming, “He pleaded with police not to use force on him before being shot in the face”.

LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein has confirmed the incident is the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said some of the police tactics used during the recent protests had “no place in the City of Angels.

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