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Meet the most fertile woman in this African country who gave birth to 44 kids (video, photo)

– A woman identified as Mariam Nabatanzi has been dubbed the most fertile lady in Uganda

– According to reports, Nabatanzi gave birth to 44 children and all the kids were said to have been born before she clocked 40

– Africans are known for giving birth to a lot of children as most people on the continent like large families

In modern days, couples settle for one or two kids but a woman earned the title of Uganda’s most fertile woman after she allegedly gave birth to 44 kids before the age of 40.

Her name is Mariam Nabatazi and she resides in Kabimbiri in Uganda. She made headlines because of her fertility.

According to OddityCentral, the woman allegedly gave birth to 44 children before the age of 40.

Rapid Gist learnt she reportedly gave birth to six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruplets. She also had a couple of single births.

However, sadly, she lost a couple of her children, and only 38 of them survived.

Despite having a really big family, who all live in the same home, the 40-year-old single mother manages to provide for all of them.

Nabatanzi was married off when she was just 12 and her hubby was 40-years-old. The woman escaped death from her stepmother, who attempted to kill her by putting tiny pieces of glass in her food.

According to Nabatanzi, her stepmother managed to kill four of her siblings that way. She added that she escaped her evil stepmother when she got married.

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She was said to have had an abusive marriage. Nabatanzi said the man was also polygamous, so he had several wives and kids- whom Nabatanzi needed to take care of.

She gave birth to her first set of twins at the age of 13 in 1994. Take a look at her story below:

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