Men, Please Do These Five Things For Your Wife When She is Pregnant

Marriage is a union of two people, who then take their life ahead as one. Every responsibility in a marriage should be shared by the husband and wife, and this goes for raising a child as well.

Each partner may have different responsibilities in at home but when it comes to pregnancy, both parents are equally responsible.

Helping your wife have a smooth pregnancy, in fact, is a matter of fulfilling your responsibility as a loyal husband and father-to-be.


As a husband, you might wonder how you can help your wife sail through her pregnancy as smoothly as possible.

Below are five things you should do for your wive when she is pregnant.

Note that some of these characters displayed by pregnant women usually happen to women who are pregnant for the first time

1. Always try to buy her any food she want to eat.

Everyone knows that a pregnant woman may want to eat anything at any time! And that tastes and flavours get weird is an understatement. You should be able to get her anything crazy thing she wants for food. It’s not her fault, it is a craving caused by pregnancy.

2. Call her frequently.

Try to call her often while you are at work to ask after her and her yet unborn baby, or better still, take some time off from work just to spend time with her and pamper her with love. This will make her feel you really care and you have the interest of her and the baby in mind.

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3. Be patient and tolerant

Always have patience with her and torelate all he nagging, you don’t have to be mad with her; you should learn to take things easy with her at this point. Their hormones are at their peak during the pregnancy season and some can even be bipolar.

4. Give her a soothing massage

Massage will help her to relax and feel comfortable around you, it is important to know that women experience aches due to the additional weight. Often times their feet are swollen. Don’t neglect this especially when she request that you to give her some body or legs leg massage.

5. Help her with some household chores

Don’t force her to do those works she can’t do, try to help her with the house chores with the ones you can especially when you are at home during weekend, don’t be proud or shy about this; it is very normal

This is what you should do for your wife when she is pregnant so that it become the both of you being pregnant together and giving birth together, this way you will be prove to be worthy.

Source: Opera News


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