Ooni of ife vows to name his prince after his grand father, Adesoji Aderemi on his 40th remembrance

At the 40 years remembrance programme held at the Ile Oduduwa palace to remember the Ooni who reigned between 1930 to 1980 , Ooni Ogunwusi vowed to name his prince after his predecessor whose life is still celebrated till date.

Ooni Ogunwusi said:

“I wish to implore our politicians across the country to look deep into the life, time and accomplishments of Sir Aderemi and learn great lessons of servant leadership. He was selflessly committed to the development of the country.

“Among several tangible virtues to be emulated from the good life of Sir Aderemi is the good name he left behind which still speaks volume till date. Houses, cars and other material gains of life will surely fade away while one’s name remains in the book of history forever.

“Today, the ancient city of Ile-Ife and indeed the entire human race is proud to have had Sir Adesoji Aderemi whom we shall continue to celebrate. Plans are underway to immortalize him and I have discussed it with members of the family.

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