Peruzzi acquires new house


Nigerian singer, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh popularly known as Peruzzi has just acquired a new house in an undisclosed location in Lagos.

The DMW act took to his Instagram Story to share beautiful videos of his new apartment that had a handful of the Davido Music Worldwide crew members.

This development is coming after the artiste was dragged by his former record label boss Anyaene Patrick who alleged Peruzzi joined DMW while he was still signed to his label.

In a 17 tweet thread, Anyaene narrated how he met Peruzzi and helped him return to school during a turbulent phase of his life.

He also claimed that Davido helped Peruzzi breach the contract he had with Golden Boy Entertainment. The matter lingered on and brewed up ugly allegations of Peruzzi pimping up Chioma to Davido

Check out photos of the beautiful mansion below:

His label boss, Davido also congratulated the Huncho Vibes on his new acquisition;


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