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Police arrest and parade three men who allegedly specialize in trailing and robbing bank customers in Cross River State

Three suspected bank robbers, who allegedly specialize in trailing and robbing bank customers after they make withdrawals, have been arrested and paraded by the Cross River State Police Command.

The suspects were arrested on Wednesday, March 18, when they attempted to rob a Bank customer on Calabar Road.

The victim raised alarm and this called the attention of the public. The suspects were then arrested by the police.

While briefing journalists, the state Commissioner of Police, Mr Nkereuwem Akpan said operatives of the Anti-Cultism and Kidnapping Squad of the command arrested the suspects. He added that they have confessed to the crime.

Explaining how they operate, Akpan said the men stay close to banks, scoping people going in to carry out transactions or to use the ATM. After the unsuspecting customer is done withdrawing money from the ATM, the men will trail the customer and rob them.

One of the suspects, Ifeanyi Ebama, said he was arrested after breaking the glass of his victim’s car in an attempt to steal the money the victim wrapped in a nylon bag. However, the victim screamed and he was arrested alongside his accomplices who were waiting for him in their getaway car.

He added: “We normally park our vehicle close to the First Bank on Calabar Road and monitor customers, who come out with huge sums of money, either in nylon bags or big envelopes. We have been in the business for three months now. I want to beg the police to forgive us.”

The command recovered from the suspects a Toyota Sienna vehicle and a rod used in opening car doors and breaking glasses.

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Akpan said the suspects will be charged to court once investigation is concluded.

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  1. Able bodied men going about jobless but delight in stealing from those who worked hard to earn it, they should face the wrath of the law.

    1. They are really causing problems everywhere which is making people unsecured.

  2. People like this who rob and form big boys on the street have to be cleaning the community.

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