Report: Antifa Hunted Down, Rounded up and Arrested By FBI in Texas

The Antifa terrorists have a giant bullseye on their backs now that President Trump has said they will be designated a terror org.

And bad luck is already catching up to them, especially in Texas, where a whole mess of those commies were hunted down, rounded up and arrested.

The incident occurred in one of the most liberal cities in Texas. Prosecutors in Travis County, Austin, Texas, charged three Antifa protesters looting a Target store.

The alleged looting took place during George Floyd protests on May 31 in the Texas capital city.

From Breitbart

Fox 7 in Austin reported the militants were arrested and charged with burglary, looting, and property damage at the Target store in Capitol Plaza. The Travis County District Attorney charged the Antifa terrorists following an investigation by the Austin Police Department and the FBI. Officials said the lo0ters caused losses of $20,000 in property damage and stolen goods as a result of that incident.

The local Fox affiliate wrote: “The DA says the three arrested are known members of a local anti-governmental group which is self-identified as a communist/socialist ANTIFA group. All three are from Austin.”

During a recent interview, AG Barr said that he’s created a full-scale terror task force to go after these anti-American jihadists.

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In addition, APD Chief Brian Manley made it perfectly clear that acts of vandalism and looting will not be tolerated. “We appreciate the partnership with our local and federal partners in apprehending these suspects and bringing them to justice,” Manely concluded.

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  1. well all the bad things had to end at some point now its time to face the consequences

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