Ronaldo speaks on coaching job

Juventus forward star, Cristiano Ronaldo has disclosed that he does not expect to become a coach after he retires, but is not ready to rule it out entirely.

The 34-year-old Portugal international is still waxing stronger, scoring 12 goals in 21 appearances for Juventus this season.

Ronald had in August revealed that he does not know when he will bring an end to his playing career, saying he could either retire at the end of the season or keep going past his 40th birthday.

In his words, “Right now, I’m not interested in becoming a coach, but maybe one day I will be bored and I will feel like it.”

“Never say never,” the five-time Ballon d’Or winner told DAZN Italy.

“If I became a coach, I would be a motivator, the coach must pass on his passion and talent to the team. For example, I like to have fun, dribble, shoot, score goals, I should be able to pass this on to the team,” he added.

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  1. He will really make a good coach if he becomes one. And if it really happens he becomes a coach we should expect replicates of Ronaldo in the future.

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