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Single mother on the run after she battered her 3-year-old daughter for defecating on the bed

A mother is on the run after allegedly beating up her 3-year-old daughter for defecating on the bed.

The mother beat the girl so bad that she had bruises on her face and her eyes were swollen. The child’s arm was also broken by her mother, a source told LIB.

The child was saved by a neighbour who snatched her from her mother. Another concerned neighbour then took the child for treatment and bought a bandage for her arm.

The mother escaped after the child abuse incident and the child’s father, who lives in another state, has been contacted.

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  1. Am sure this has thought you a lesson in a very hard way…. You must transfer your aggression to your own child or children….. Kids can be so annoying sometimes but patience is the answer….

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