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Teen girl attacked with blade for snatching someone’s boyfriend

A teenage girl identified as Ayishat has been attacked by some other girls following allegations that she snatched a boyfriend belonging to one of her attackers.

Ayisha was reportedly attacked on Valentines day after she was accused by one ‘Isiwat’.

Isiwat accused Ayisha of snatching her boyfriend. She then planned with two other friends to attack Ayishat on Valentine’s day.

Two of the assailants have been apprehended while Isiwat is currently on the run.

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  1. This is absolute nonsense. Does it mean that these teenagers don’t have serious thing to do ?

  2. This is a wicked act from the teenage girls, but I pray that they will face the punishment mapped out for their offence.

  3. This is what happens when young people fail to see the adequacy in themselves and feel that their happiness and success in life is tied to a partner.

  4. This is very barbaric. The boy is playing both girls and yet they stupidly attack each other, instead of just leaving the boy. Sometimes I wonder why people can be so daft.

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