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We are set for cashless toll on Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge – LCC

Lekki Concession Company, LCC, says it is now ready to begin cashless toll policy at the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge on 1 January, 2020.

The company had few days ago announced plans to go cashless on the bridge in order to reduce travel time occasioned by payment of toll with cash.

Yomi Omomuwasan, LCC’s Managing Director said on Thursday at a news conference on the proposed cashless toll policy, that with effect from the said date, raw cash would not be accepted anymore as toll on the link bridge.

According to him, LCC had upgraded its registered users into its newly installed system, saying that one device of payment would be used for its two facilities, stressing that it was imperative to begin the cashless policy to ensure effective traffic management and to reduce congestion around the toll plaza.

The means to be used for payment from 1 January, 2020 include eTAG, prepaid cards, contactless cards and payment vouchers.

“In order to enhance efficiency on the road and in traffic management, come January 1, our plan is to operate a cashless system, particularly on the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge. This means that unlike what we have now that some pay through their device and some pay through cash, we will be having various system of paying apart from cash to go through the bridge.

“We have launched the LCC mobile app that can be used to register to get the e-TAG, to top-up account without coming to any of our offices, to pay if you do not want to use the card or the voucher or other means of payment and to speak with the customer care services,” he said.

Yomi Omomuwasan, LCC’s Managing Director (Right) with Veronic Jacob, Commercial and Corporate Media, LCC at the briefing

The LCC boss added that for its customers who were not aware of the cashless policy, the company had devised a means whereby the road users could get the pre-loaded card which is ready to use as it had been activated.

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The explained that the aim of LCC was to achieve part of the quality trust of the state government, saying that the Sanwo-Olu administration was all about THEMES, which traffic management was part “and we are here to ensure that it is brought to bear for the road users.”

“Road users are therefore advised to visit any of our customer service centres to obtain toll devices, prepaid cards or payment vouchers for passages at the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge Toll Plaza,” he added.

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