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Women beaten to demonstrate their love for their men (Pictures)

It is said that women from the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia get beaten to demonstrate their love for their men.

The women engage in a tribal ceremony during which they are flogged to show the sacrifices they make for their men.

The beating is said to go on until the women’s back turns bloody.

During the process, they are not allowed to scream. They even go to the point of begging the men to do it over and over again.

The tradition is known as Ukuli Bula and is done as part of a Rite of Passage ceremony for boys.

PhotoCredit: #JeremyHunter

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  1. This is the highest order of primitive thinking and living. This as been the problem with Africa, we have crazy, unethical, unhygienic culture that has kept us in the dark for centuries. Are those women Jesus Christ? If not for the cowordice of the men, why didn’t they taken the beating. Women are not object of ridicule and should not be be regarded as the lowest of the low in the society.

  2. What kind of culture nor traditional ceremony is this. This is suffering.

  3. Do such things still happen in this life what sought of stupid and low thinking thing is this one Ethiopia must be a living hell for women

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