Women, Please Be Observant When Buying These – See What This Fish Seller Is Doing To Her Fish (Photos)

Prior today I visited the market to buy some foodstuffs, when I recalled that the smoked fish I have at home is done, so I chose to get some since I scarcely get ready suppers particularly soup without smoked fish, I like the taste it add to my soup.


I branch at a seller shop to get some smoked fish, and that was the point at which I saw something odd. In the photograph above you will see that the dealer had two seperate bowls with her, and the dishes contains smoked or dry fish. You can likewise observe her holding a soft brush.


The first bowl with ‘A’ composed at the top contains fish, that are practically bad and the other bowl with ‘B’ composed at the top contains smoked fish, that are new however like they state every one of that sparkles isn’t gold.

There is a bowl of oil alongside her however I was unable to make sense of the kind of oil, yet the merchant is doing that she is dunking the brush into the oil, and afterward she will rub it on the fish that are practically spoilt, and that will make them look new and sparkling. The brush she is holding is a delicate brush, so it can infiltrate all the shrouded pieces of the fish. When taking a gander at the fish it is exceptionally appealing in light of the fact that the oil has made it shining, and that will draw in you to get it since you will believe that it is extremely new, yet these sort of fish get spoilt rapidly and they can destroy the flavor of your soup, in the event that they are kept at home for long.

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That is the reason when you get some dry fish, following a few days you will see maggot coming out from them.

God won’t let us to utilize our cash to buy something that will hurt us however we must be cautious, the best way to separate this fish from the others is by smelling it and most merchant won’t let you do that, that is the reason it is fitting to have only one client that you will buy dry fish from. In spite of the fact that I don’t accuse the venders who are doing this since no one needs to lose in their business, however they ought to likewise consider the wellbeing of individuals who are buying the fish.

It would be ideal if you we should be cautious when purchasing this fish or anything that will go into our stomach.

Additionally in the wake of purchasing the fish, if it’s not too much trouble absorb them heated water first before cooking with them, as it will wash away the spoiled taste and expel any slimy parasite if there are any. It is essential to wash your dry fish with high temp water, since avoidance is superior to fix.

Have you had any experience when you purchased this fish previously?

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